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6. Ric Flair Reveals What Randy Orton Did After Winning His First World Title, Recalls A Story Of Harley Race Pulling Out A Gun On “The Cowboy” Bob Orton

During the recent “Table For 3” episode on the WWE Network (with Ric Flair, Bruno Sammartino & Randy Orton as guests), two time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair discussed quite a few interesting things. Below are the highlights:

On what Randy Orton did after winning his first World Title:

“To be the World Champion when I first got it, it was the biggest honor in the world and I hope that being the champion means as much to the guys now as it did to us. Do you know what Randy did when he won his first one? He went out and he bought himself a Rolex watch. He said, ‘look what I did.’ He couldn’t wait to show me! He came in with a brand new diamond Rolex. The guys don’t do that now. Do you know what I mean? You’re the World Champion. It means something.”

On Harley Race pulling out a gun on “The Cowboy” Bob Orton:

“Harley believed he was the World Champion. He wanted to fight every night, every night. So the WWF came to Kansas City and I’m over there wrestling Bruiser Brody. Harley comes to the locker room with a 9mm in his pocket and pulls it out on Cowboy Bob Orton.”

On Harley Race becoming his bodyguard for a show in Japan:

“I had to go over there to Japan one time and they were afraid that they were going to stretch me, they sent Harley as my bodyguard. That’s a little embarrassing, sending a bodyguard for me to make sure I don’t get beat!”

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