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Big Changes Expected For SmackDown Live Next Year

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• Jazz Reveals The Advice Paul Heyman Gave To Her

During a recent appearance on Noonan Speaks, Jazz talked about Tommy Dreamer and Paul Heyman influencing her pro wrestling career, Paul Heyman advising her not to get a b00b job, Dreamer and Heyman helping her to make it to WWE & more.

Below are the highlights:

On Tommy Dreamer and Paul Heyman influencing her pro wrestling career:

“I was in ECW in ’98 and I had my first pay-per-view match. I was doing house shows and all that and I was part of Justin Credible’s entourage at pay-per-views before the single’s match. I debuted my single’s pay-per-view match against Jason Knight at Heat Wave in ’99. And that was the birth of ‘The Female Fighting Phenom’. That did it.” Jazz added, “I always give props to Paul E. and Dreamer for seeing something different in me and something that I had to offer to the [pro wrestling] business, so I owe a lot of credit to Dreamer and Paul E.”

On Paul Heyman advising her not to get a b00b job:

“I always put Paul E. over in every interview. I always put him over because, first, at the time, there [were not] many African American women in the business, especially on that level. He saw something in little old me and he gave me an opportunity. And he knew I was different. He told me, ‘please, no matter what you do, you don’t need [a] b00b job. You don’t need this and that. Like, you’re totally different and that’s going to make you different. That’s going to set you out and make you look different from any other girls. Never, ever consider getting b00bs or any of it.’

And that’s why he came up with the motto of, ‘my T and A [does not] stand for t**s and a**. My T and A stands for talent and ability.’ So Paul E., he knew what he was doing with me and he set the tone of who Jazz is and he turned me into ‘The Female Fighting Phenom’. Like, Paul E. Heyman, and Dreamer, he had a great mind for the game as well. They still do. Do you know what I’m saying? And this is what they saw in me and they gave me my first opportunity to showcase what I can offer to the business.”

On Dreamer and Heyman helping her to make it to WWE:

“First off, ECW folds, right? The next thing you know, who’s commentating? Paul E. Alright, so Rodney [Mack] and I, we moved to Texas in Fort Worth, and we’re doing indies. Still, we were trying to make it to WWE. That was our ultimate goal. So on an indie show, we run into Dreamer. There he was like, ‘hey, I’m going to talk to Paul. He’s commentating now. He’s over there [in WWE] and I’ll see if I can get you a dark match, okay?’ And I was like, ‘okay! Cool!'”

• Big Changes Expected For SmackDown Live Next Year

WWE SmackDown has been the favourite brand of most internet fans since the brand split. It moved from Syfy to USA Network at the start of 2015. The show aired on Thursdays until the brand split. After the brand split, it was (and still is being) aired live every Tuesday.

The blue brand will be moving to FOX in the fall of 2019. TicketDrew reports that once the show moves to FOX, it will be getting several changes. Some rumored changes are about a new stage and also a new logo for the show.

Fans will know what changes take place once Smackdown starts airing on FOX from October 2019. Many fans, specially the old school ones would love the SmackDown ‘Fist’ back on the stage.

Also, expect WWE to draft some of their top stars from RAW to SmackDown Live to help the viewership of the show increase.

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