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Big E Felt Disrespected By Kevin Owens’ Angle

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• ON THIS DAY IN WCW HISTORY (December 25, 1993) – WCW Worldwide

On this day in 1993, Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling aired an episode of their weekly TV show ‘WCW Worldwide’.

This episode was pre-taped from the Disney MGM Studios in Orlando, Florida and featured matches, interviews & storyline segments on the road to the ‘WCW Starrcade 1993’ PPV.

The card of the show can be found here:

Ravishing Rick Rude vs. Frankie Lancaster

Interview Colossal Kongs & Harley Race

Interview Nasty Boys & Missy Hyatt + Sting on video wall

Ron Simmons vs. Brad Armstrong

Starrcade Control Center

Paul Orndorff & Paul Roma vs. Kendall Windham & Leroy Howard

Interview Paul Orndorff & Paul Roma

Interview Dustin Rhodes + Stunning Steve Austin & Col. Rob Parker on video wall

Sting vs. Bill Tyree

Interview Lord Steven Regal & Sir William

Ric Flair vs. King Kong

Interview Ric Flair & Fifi

• Big E Felt Disrespected By Kevin Owens’ Angle

When Big E was out of action due to an injury earlier this year, Kevin Owens replaced him as a member of The New Day.

During a recent edition of “The New Day: Feel The Power” podcast, Big E revealed that he felt disrespected by that angle and said the following:

“With the meniscus thing, when I’m in the hospital, I’m in the bed. I just finished my surgery and I turn on the TV and I know [Kingston and Woods] have to do what you have to do, but I see you two and there’s Big O!

There’s Kevin Owens doing my intro that I came up with and doing my tag move with you.

So I get it and I have to suck it up and be a man and laugh it off, but it feels like a slap in the face to see someone in your position just doing your stuff. I felt disrespected. And, I don’t know.

Obviously, it wasn’t an idea you guys came up with, so there was no issue with you. But just from that larger picture, just that you’re alone in a hospital room – you can have family there and whatever, but I was alone and I was there, but everything goes on without you, and you just move on, and does anyone care? Does it even matter? And you feel very alone in the situation.”

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