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11. Reason For Triple H Possibly Wrestling At SummerSlam 2017

We noted a few weeks back that 14 time World Champion Triple H is rumored to have a match at SummerSlam 2017. While no word is available on who he might face at the biggest event of the Summer, we have the reason why he may compete.

Triple H has been on a losing streak as of late. He was involved in high profile bouts at last year’s and this year’s WrestleMania and he lost both of them.

This puts Triple H’s credibility and his future matches at stake. Triple H’s in-ring career is far from over and he’s mostly expected to put over young talent in his future WrestleMania matches.

If he just keeps on losing every year at WrestleMania, then eventually him putting over young talent wouldn’t mean much as he will garner the identity of being a WrestleMania jobber.

So Triple H is most likely wrestling at SummerSlam 2017 to pick up a win, so it doesn’t look like he only returns for a match to lose.

This is one of the reasons why Triple H was booked to go over Sting at WrestleMania 31, as Triple H lost a lot of credibility among many old school fans when he lost to a guy half his size the previous year.

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