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Big News On Brock Lesnar Expected Soon, Universal Title Changing Hands Soon?

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Big News On Brock Lesnar Expected Soon, Universal Title Changing Hands Soon?

During a recent edition of “The Brand” podcast, former WWE wrestler “Big” Vito LoGrass, OVW Veteran Kenny Bolin & Jeff Lane discussed last week’s segment between WWE Champion Jinder Mahal & AJ Styles on SmackDown Live.

During their conversation, Kenny noted that some big news regarding the Universal Champion Brock Lesnar might be on its way. Below is the discussion:

Jeff: It just amazes me how this company has killed the WWE Championship and this has nothing to do with Jinder Mahal. This is supposed to be the top prize in all of Professional Wrestling. It’s been that way for many years. But it’s always relegated to a minor storyline.

It’s never the top storyline. The other people on the show don’t even care about it. They don’t want it. Nobody’s concerned about becoming the champion. They have killed this belt. It’s meaningless and of all the things they’ve done to ruin the TV and the stuff is the fact that they have killed this belt.

Vito: They make Jinder look so weak as a champion. And going into a pay-per-view where he’s fighting Brock Lesnar, he’s not looking like a great champion, a great fighting champion because he’s messing with his two managers who are fighting AJ Styles.

He dropped Styles last week. Okay, so now what’s gonna happen. He’s gonna beat Styles? If he doesn’t beat Styles decisively before the pay-per-view, he’s gonna look like a fool. Nobody’s gonna give him a chance. He’s gonna look weak.

Unless they take that belt off Jinder Mahal before Survivor Series, put it on AJ Styles to go fight Brock Lesnar. That’s a match that’ll draw money. It’s too bad that Jinder is not that kind of draw. He has the look. He has the power. He’s got the charisma. He’s just not a draw and they’re making him weak with the two guys.

But if AJ somehow beats him before Survivor Series, you just threw a new wrench in all the works and that’s gonna be the most talked about match in wrestling, on the sheets, on the podcast, everywhere you go. AJ Styles against Brock Lesnar and I bet you that would be a hell of a match.

Kenny: Well, I’ve been given some inside information that I can’t reveal yet. And this inside information comes from overseas. There’s some big news coming forward on Brock Lesnar in the near future.

So I’m gonna make a prediction now that title is coming off of Brock reasonably quick. Whether it’s gonna be this pay per view or the next one, I don’t know, but when some big news comes out of Brock Lesnar, you’ll know that I had the inside scoop on that about three weeks ago. But I want to put the little teaser out there just to let everybody know that belt ain’t gonna be around Brock Lesnar much longer.

Will Raw Invade SmackDown Live Tonight?

After The New Day appeared on this week’s episode of Raw, WWE is questioning if tonight will be the night that the Raw roster invades SmackDown Live. Below is what WWE posted:

Will Raw retaliate for The New Day’s raid?

“The latest salvo in the battle for brand supremacy was launched on Monday night when The New Day raided Raw. Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods made their presence felt in Manchester when they interfered in the main event – a Raw Tag Team Title Match between champions Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose and Cesaro & Sheamus.

Just as the bout was reaching a thrilling apex, The New Day entered through crowd to berate The Bar, the Shield brothers and the rest of the Raw roster for their lack of response to #UnderSiege. This time, however, Team Red rushed to ringside to chase off the invaders. But the fray proved to be a distraction for Rollins, who turned around into a devastating Brogue Kick from Sheamus that led to The Bar leaving Manchester as the new Raw Tag Team Champions.

With tensions rising between the two brands as Survivor Series approaches, will Raw be out for retribution when SmackDown comes to Manchester?”

Video Of WWE UK Champion Making His Raw Debut

On this week’s episode of Raw, WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunn made his Raw debut and went on to defeat the WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore.

You can watch it below:

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