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Big Return Recently Discussed By WWE Officials, Vince Russo Says He’s Waiting For A Report On Enzo Amore Beating The F*** Out Of Corey Graves

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Vince Russo Says He’s Waiting For A Report On Enzo Amore Beating The F*** Out Of Corey Graves, On WWE Cutting Enzo’s Balls Off Every Week

During a recent edition of “The Brand” podcast, former WWE writer Vince Russo, WWE & WCW Veteran Vito LoGrasso, OVW Veteran Kenny Bolin and co-host Jeff Lane talked about Corey Graves burying WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore every week. Below is the discussion:

Russo: Could the announcers bury Enzo any more than they do? Can that jacka$$ with tattooed neck, could he bury any more than he does? I swear to god, here’s what I’d love to read one time. I can’t wait till I read the report that little freaking Enzo jacked up Corey in the freaking back and beat the f*** out of him.

I’m waiting to read that report because it’s gonna happen. You don’t freakin’ bury a talent like that, whether you got a personal issue with the guy or not. And one of these days Enzo’s gonna jack this guy up backstage and shut his mouth for once and for all and that’s gonna be the end of it.

Kenny: Here’s where I disagree with you a little bit. It was always my job as the heel announcer, which I was my entire career, whenever I was announcing to screw with the babyfaces. Always bury the babyfaces. Never take the side of the babyface.

Russo: Kenny, they all buried him though, all three of them. Nobody’s taking his side.

Kenny: I was coming around to agree with you because that way when I did put over a babyface it really meant something, but that would be selective. Like – Oh my god, even Bolin’s talking about how great this babyface is. But yeah, when all three announcers are piling up on the heel now what’s he supposed to do?

And let’s face it. Manchester crowd, they were not going to get into his s*** no matter what he said tonight. They immediately were not gonna put over a word he said and I think he knew it when he got in there. And then the announcers, I think they felt that he was killing the segment so they thought they were saving the segment which all they were doing was killing Enzo.

Vito: Corey Graves, you’re absolutely right Vince, he does bury him every week. It’s got to be stopped. It’s got to come from somebody in the office. There’s got to be some praise for the champion. You have to give him something. He is the champion. You got to give him some kind of credibility. He gets none.

Russo: They’re being spiteful little b*tches and in the process they’re killing freaking Enzo who can make their money and is making them money despite their childish behavior towards him. It is so freakin’ easy to pour heat on this freaking guy. And every single week they cut the guy’s balls off.

All he’s got to do is frickin’ cheat to beat the hometown hero in front of a hometown crowd, you’re gonna pour more and more heat on Enzo. But the WWE played to the house. They didn’t play the TV and again we took heat off of a guy that is a heat-seeking missile just so they can you know, just so they could put him in his place and play their little childish games for whatever reason that they don’t like Enzo.

Let’s beat him again this week. It’s so old, bro. It’s so childish. It’s so immature. Anybody that knows anything about wrestling can see right freakin through it. Grow up guys. If you don’t like the guy and if you got an issue with the guy, cut him loose. But you know why they can’t cut him loose?

Here’s why they can’t cut him loose because they know in spite of it he’s going to make them freakin’ money. That’s why they don’t cut him loose.

Big Return Recently Discussed By WWE Officials

According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE officials recently discussed the possibility of former WWF Champion “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan returning to WWE.

Hogan’s return comes down to the same reasons that have been discussed in the past as well – Will the sponsors be okay with it and if there will be a media backlash stemming from Hogan’s controversy with Gawker (which resulted in the Hulkster being released from the company in 2015).

For those who don’t know, The Hulkster won his lawsuit against Gawker Media and this resulted in Gawker going out of business.

Speaking of the Hulkster, he was recently in talks with a wrestling promotion for a huge angle, but a deal wasn’t made.

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