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18. Eric Bischoff Disappointed With The Cancellation Of Talking Smack

During a recent edition of “Bischoff on Wrestling” podcast, Eric Bischoff discussed the cancellation of Talking Smack and why he’s disappointed with it. Below is what he said:

“I understand it. I don’t agree with it but Vince McMahon could give me about a billion reasons about why he is right and I am wrong. (Laughs) I guess you just kind of have to go with that. I liked that format because it did feel unscripted. You did feel like you were getting to know the characters in a real way versus that typically canned, scripted, highly polished performance that you do see on Raw or SmackDown. I like that. I think the audience gets a chance to connect to the characters in a much more real way. They feel like they really know those characters when you see them in an environment like that. I find value in that.

Vince McMahon likes to have 110% control over everything we see in WWE. From what we see on television to what we see in advertising to what we see in Twitter feeds and all over social media. WWE is a very, very tightly controlled organization. They protect their brand and it’s working for them. You can’t really criticize them it’s just I have a different take. I am disappointed they cancelled it.”

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