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Big Show On How Big Tonight’s Show Will Be For AEW

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• Big Show On How Big Tonight’s Show Will Be For AEW

During an appearance on ESPN SportsNation today, WWF Legend & current AEW Superstar “The Big Show” Paul Wight talked about tonight’s episode of AEW Rampage, which will take place at the United Center in Chicago.

CM Punk is rumored to debut on tonight’s show and AEW President Tony Khan is hoping that more fans will get interested in All Elite Wrestling after tonight.

Here’s what Big Show said about the rumors for tonight:

“Tonight is a night on Rampage where in the future, people are going to say ‘Hey do you remember when?’ We’re in Chicago, United Centre, sold out. There’s a lot of rumors going around, a lot of scuttlebutt.

There’s an opportunity tonight for someone to make an appearance on Rampage here in AEW that will literally knock the wrestling world on its keister. This is one of the biggest, anticipated events that I can remember in a long time.

I was trying to think about it today, what is it compared to? Is it compared to Hulk Hogan going to WCW? Does it compare to the nWo? Stone Cold Steve Austin glass breaking Austin 3:16? What kind of an impact, if the rumors are true, will this have on the wrestling business.

I can neither confirm nor deny what kind of an impact tonight’s Rampage will have on the wrestling industry for the future.”

When asked to comment on the differences in WWE and AEW, he said the following:

“The comparison is there’s just alternatives for fans now, it’s a great time to be a wrestling fan depending on what kind of product you like watching.

The biggest difference between WWE and AEW that I can tell is just the difference in authenticity. AEW is the smaller, newer, new kid on the block. The talent, when a guy or gal has a promo, that’s them, there’s not a backstage of 35 or 40 writers handing you a piece of paper that you have to struggle to memorize. The performances are a lot more authentic and it’s more wrestling oriented.

I think that alternative product is what fans are getting excited about now. It’s great to have competition, it’s great to motivate the locker room. The best thing is with two big companies working hard and providing opportunities for wrestlers to work.

If there’s only one company, there’s only one place to work and the diversity isn’t as prevalent as it is now with multiple companies with a chance for talent to grow and discover who they are and make a connection with the audience.”

Paul Wight will make his AEW in-ring debut at next month’s All Out PPV, where he will face QT Marshall.

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