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Big Update On Daniel Bryan’s In-Ring Status

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• Titus O’Neil On If Apollo Crews Could Be WWE Champion In The Future

During a recent appearance on Busted Open Radio, Raw wrestler Titus O’Neil talked about his Titus Brand member Apollo Crews, importance of telling story beside athleticism & more.

Below are the highlights:

On if Apollo Crews could be WWE Champion in the future:

“Absolutely. I think Apollo has everything. Athletically, I think he’s one of the most athletic guys on the roster, but as he knows, athleticism alone is not going to take you to the top. It definitely takes charisma and character development, and I feel like that’s what he’s being given with this opportunity in Titus Worldwide. It’s giving him a chance to open up more, not just come out, smile, look good and do cool moves.”

On importance of getting the character over:

“This is about storytelling and being able to get characters over. This business – for the ones who have been very successful in it – aren’t always the best wrestlers or best athletes, they are the ones who can tell a story and keep the audience captivated or entertained, in some type of way.

It’s the beauty of what we do on a week in and week out basis, it’s great to go out and have a great match, but as Kurt Angle said in his Hall of Fame speech, some of the most fun he had was pouring milk all over himself and that’s one of his most memorable moments.”

On how they always try to create opportunities in WWE:

“He’s more excited about doing stuff on social media, outside of the ring, making sure we find the WWE website people every chance we get. Having press conferences with Titus Worldwide. It’s one of those things where he slowly, but surely got into that, because I’m big into that. I’m like, ‘Hey, if we’re not on the show, let’s try to find something to do.'”

• Big Update On Daniel Bryan’s In-Ring Status

During a recent edition of “Backstage in WWE” podcast with Brad Shepard, Shepard revealed that his sources have told him there’s no evidence of Daniel Bryan getting cleared by WWE’s doctors. Unless the news of Bryan getting cleared is a top secret in WWE, he most probably won’t be returning to in-ring action in WWE.

This means there’s a high possibility that Bryan leaves WWE later this year when his contract expires if he’s really planning to wrestle again.

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