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15. WWE Teasing A Title Change At Extreme Rules 2017

As seen on last week’s episode Raw, The Miz defeated Dean Ambrose in an Intercontinental Title match via DQ when Ambrose hit him with a low blow. It was then announced that Ambrose will defend the Title against The Miz once more, at Extreme Rules 2017.

The stipulation for this Title match at Extreme Rules 2017 is that if Ambrose gets disqualified, then he will lose the Title. WWE is teasing that Ambrose might not be able to hold himself back and this might lead to him losing the Title.

This is in accordance with our previous report of Ambrose being scheduled to drop the Intercontinental Title to The Miz and then Miz entering into a storyline with Roman Reigns.

Below is what WWE posted:

Ambrose faces bizarre stipulation at WWE Extreme Rules

After The Miz attempted to steal the Intercontinental Championship with a low blow while the referee’s back was turned this past Monday night, Dean Ambrose retaliated by giving The A-Lister a swift kick to the co-stars. The attack gave Miz the disqualification victory, but not the championship.

Enraged by Ambrose’s below-the-belt attack — which was clearly an unintentional move by the fighting champion — The A-Lister demanded a rematch at WWE Extreme Rules, and if The Lunatic Fringe is disqualified in that bout, Miz will be awarded his seventh Intercontinental Title.

Ambrose is known for getting out of hand from time to time (he once stole a hot dog cart from Coney Island, after all), so this WWE Extreme Rules stipulation puts the champion in a perilous position. Will The Lunatic Fringe be able to keep his cool and his title?

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