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19. Stone Cold Steve Austin Gives His Opinion On Kenny Omega

During a recent appearance on Jim Ross’ “Ross Report” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin talked about the recent NJPW G1 Special In USA. Below are the highlights:

On the Cody vs. Okada match:
“It was great to see Cody in the main event against Okada. And I know it was a New Japan show, but I was wondering how over Okada would be, and, holy smokes, I mean, man, he was the hottest guy there. He is an elite babyface and that transferred over to the States. If you want to check out some selling, watch Okada sell that leg. Goddang, it was like Shakespearean theater. I came out of my chair – I was clapping in the truck. Both guys worked hard. Cody was impressive. Here’s a guy who left New York, went out on his own. He’s the Ring Of Honor World Champion. Now, he’s main eventing New Japan in Long Beach with Okada, so very well done by Cody. Very well done. It was a hard-fought match that I thoroughly enjoyed.”

On the possibility of Cody going back to WWE:
“It takes a lot of gumption to go out there and do that and he did. Maybe he’ll end up going back to WWE one of these days and it will be exciting to see if he does, how his career will unfold at that point or what he does from here. But his future is in his hands and he’s loving it – he’s having a good time and I wish him nothing but the best.”

On Kenny Omega:
“Man, I’ll tell you what, just watching that match he had with Okada, that first one, and the second one. The first one’s about 47 minutes. Okay goes over. The second one is a broadway and it went 60 minutes. And I just think the guy is just very dynamic in the ring. I got a chance to watch him on YouTube doing some promos and I’ve never seen him talk before, who’s fluent in Japanese and he was just talking so much trash. I mean, talking about real trash. It was about getting paid, and about fulfilling his destiny, and a lot of other things. I just think the guy’s a lightning bolt and he just transferred energy. And I just think he’s a dynamic showman, and he has a lot of charisma, and I just think he’s a lights-out performer.”

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