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11. WWE Teases That The Undertaker Hasn’t Retired

On this week’s episode of Raw, Michael Cole mentioned The Undertaker during the opening match of this week’s RAW, by saying that Roman Reigns “perhaps” sent Undertaker into retirement.

That was the first ever mention of whether The Undertaker is actually retired from Professional Wrestling or not.

After Taker’s exit at the end of the WWE WrestleMania 33 PPV, most fans & experts assumed that we had actually seen the end of the legendary career of the Old School WWF Veteran, but now this sounds anything but confirmed.

He does need a hip replacement surgery, which would most certainly end his wrestling career, and there are rumors that the surgery has already happened earlier this year (when photos of him arriving at a hospital went viral), which would basically rule out another match for next year’s WrestleMania.

But let’s take all that information with a grain of salt, up until we get an official announcement / confirmation.

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