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Booker T & Corey Graves Laugh About Their “Feud” On Podcast (Video)

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• OLD SCHOOL VIDEO HISTORY (February 11, 1969) – Gene Kiniski vs. Dory Funk Jr.

On this day in 1969, NWA World Heavyweight Champion Gene Kiniski defended his title against the challenger Dory Funk Jr.

You can watch the highlights below:

• Booker T & Corey Graves Laugh About Their “Feud” On Podcast (Video)

During the latest edition of WWE Hall of Famer Booker T’s “Heated Conversations” podcast, Booker T & Corey Graves cleared the air about their “feud” and confirmed that they were just working the fans.

Below is their conversation:

Booker T: “A lot of people don’t know how hard I was smiling when WWE told me I was going to be moving back to my old position.”

Corey Graves: “I’m one of those people because I saw you walk in the locker room grinning ear to ear and I said what are you so happy about. That’s why when all of this blew up and I heard it, I was getting phone calls and text messages. ‘You gotta hear this, Booker said this.’ And as soon as I heard it, knowing you like I know you, I was like, oh that’s just Book working. So I figured, you know, just being in the old school mentality, I’m like oh let’s have fun with this. Did it take off!

First of all, like personally, I was entertained by how we were able to work the entire wrestling industry. Somehow, nobody bothered to call or anything, and it just took off like crazy. My Twitter was on non-stop refresh for like two days. Some of the fans were so mad, I was getting some terrible, terrible Twitter and Instagram messages and all that. And I’m laughing about it, but what do we do with this?

I told Michael Cole the other day after we talked on Monday, and he goes, ‘so this thing with you and Book, it’s cool?’ I go, ‘you know Book. We’re just goofing around.’ He goes, ‘okay, well what’s the end game? What are we trying to accomplish?’ I said, ‘we’re not trying to accomplish anything! We’re just having fun! We’re just messing with each other like we do every day, constantly, and somehow, the world picked up on it.”

Below is a video of this from the podcast:

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