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Booker T Reveals What CM Punk Called Him Backstage At NXT Deadline

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Nowadays, Booker T is known for giving his opinion on various current wrestling topics, where he is mostly known for praising WWE stuff and criticising non-WWE stuff, since he’s employed by WWE (he’s a commentator on NXT).

Booker T has criticized CM Punk on his podcast. Here’s what he said about Punk a few months back:

“CM Punk, he didn’t just leave WWE. He got fired from WWE; he didn’t just leave AEW. He got fired with cause from AEW. What value does a person like that bring to your company?”

Due to Booker’s past comments, Punk jokingly calling him a “flip flopper” backstage at NXT Deadline.

Here’s what the WCW Legend said about his meeting with the former WWE Champion backstage in NXT:

“CM Punk wasn’t hiding. He wasn’t hidden away in some room making a surprise appearance. He was running around and mingling.

I ran into CM Punk in catering. Was sitting there talking to Jeremy Borash. I walked up to CM Punk and said, ‘CM Punk! What up man?!?’ He stands up and he goes, ‘What’s up, man? You flip flopper’ (laughs).

I go, ‘You know how the business is, sometimes you’re a heel, sometimes you’re a babyface’ (laughs).

It was very cool. We talked, small talk, he seemed to be at peace and ready to re-write the legacy of CM Punk and finish it off properly.

I can’t say anything bad about him. I know people wish I would say something bad about CM Punk, and I ain’t kissing a$$ or anything, either.

It just seemed like he was in a calm space.”

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