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Booker T Threatens To Sue WWF Veteran

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During an episode of his “Hall Of Fame” podcast, WCW Legend Booker T talked about his issues with WWF Veteran Ahmed Johnson. Booker T talked about how Ahmed tried to create issues between him and his brother Stevie Ray, tried to sabotage his main event push in World Championship Wrestling & more.

Booker ended up calling Ahmed a “lying, lowdown, scum”.

Ahmed heard what Booker had to say and ended up challenging him to a fight. Here’s what Ahmed said on the Cheap Heat podcast:

“Brother, I got a dojo for us. If you wanna get to the streets with this, let’s do it. Because I didn’t appreciate what he said. And before you call somebody a scum, look at your past (referring to Booker T’s time in prison), and then really know who the scum is.”

Ahmed also said he has a prison story about Booker T that no one knows about and he will reveal it publicly if Booker keeps talking.

Booker T threatened to sue Ahmed over this claim. Here’s what the 2-time WWE Hall of Famer said:

“Just to respond to Tony Norris (Ahmed Johnson’s real name). This guy, he talked about me being in prison. I heard the interview. He said what a lowlife I was for going to prison for robbing people. I must say I did go to prison for robbing people. I will say I was a kid. I think I have atoned for every piece of dirt that I put down back in the day. I was a kid that made a mistake. He talked about being in a gang. What do gangs do? What do they normally do? They’re normally not the pillars of society.

I’m gonna debunk one story he said. He said him and my brother started going to the wrestling school before I started going. I was still in prison I guess when they went to the wrestling school, according to him. But my brother and I, we started going to the wrestling school and Tony Norris had no intentions on doing it. He was playing semi-pro ball at this time.

I’m just saying this because they asked him a question on that podcast and they said, ‘How was it working with Joe Blanchard and Scott Casey?’ He said, ‘Well I never worked with Joe Blanchard and Scott Casey.’ Well, they were there at the beginning of the wrestling school. They were the trainers at the wrestling school at the beginning. That’s why I say he gets on his podcast and there’s never any pushback in trying to find any truth in what he says.

He said he had a buddy that told him a story about when I was in prison. He said if I keep talking, he’s gonna tell that story. I don’t have any prison buddies. Obviously, he still has buddies that was in prison. In the same prison that I was in, so to speak. That’s what he said. He’s got a story that he’s gonna tell.

I hope that he tells that story. I really do. He’ll see a different side of me if he does tell some false story that’s totally not true. I got facts, I got receipts as far as anything that I’m saying. You tell a lie about me, it’s probably gonna end up in court. He’s probably gonna end up getting sued by defaming me.

Please tell some story that you heard from some prison buddy that you had about me because it would be totally false if you make up about a story about me, Tony Norris. I’m just gonna leave it at that. I’m not gonna take it any further than that.

Tony Norris has always been a notorious lying piece of you know what.”

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