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Booking Drew McIntyre’s Road To WrestleMania 35

Drew McIntyre vs. The Undertaker - WrestleMania 35

Drew McIntyre in 2018 is similar to what Brock Lesnar was in 2002 – The Next Big Thing.

WWE officials are heavily protecting McIntyre on RAW because they have big plans for him in 2019.

Now let’s get started with our booking of “The Scottish Psychopath” on the road to WrestleMania 35.

Note: This was written before TLC 2018 so we have a different finish for Drew’s TLC 2018 match.

Destruction Of A Formal Universal Champion

McIntyre was undefeated (never pinned or submitted) in his current run on RAW until he faced his former tag team partner, Dolph Ziggler.

During his match with Ziggler, Finn Balor (his opponent for TLC 2018 PPV) attacked him on the outside and this led to Ziggler defeating McIntyre.

An angry McIntyre enters his match with former Universal Champion Finn Balor with great intensity and starts manhandling “The Extraordinary Man” who is half his size. McIntyre absolutely destroys Balor in less than 5 minutes and finishes him with a devastating Claymore Kick.

McIntyre Wants to Avenge His Loss

Fresh off his victory at TLC 2018, McIntyre wants to right the wrong. McIntyre calls out Ziggler for a match as he wants to avenge his loss to “The Showoff”.

Ziggler comes out and is ready for a rematch. It should be noted that Ziggler is a babyface now. McIntyre destroys Ziggler during the whole match, but in the end Kurt Angle’s music hits and this distracts McIntyre.

Ziggler takes advantage of it and rolls him up and pins him again!

Ziggler picks up another huge (yet not clean) win over McIntyre and Angle is not even there.

McIntyre is clearly not happy with what happened as Kurt is playing mind games with him.

For those who don’t remember, McIntyre defeated Angle on RAW by making him tap out to the Ankle Lock and left the “Olympic Gold Medalist” embarrassed.

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