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Braun Strowman Apologizes To Brock Lesnar For Royal Rumble 2018 Incident, Seen With An Ice Pack Backstage

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• D-Von Dudley On Feeling That A Lot Of Dudley Boyz’ Work Went Unnoticed

During a recent appearance on Busted Open Radio, D-Von Dudley talked about the Hall of Fame induction of Dudley Boyz. Below are the highlights:

“A lot of things we accomplished over the years seems like it wasn’t recognized whether it was the promoters or the fans. I just felt like a lot of things we have done went unnoticed. Sometimes I feel like we weren’t treated the way we should have been treated.

We had to fight and scratch our way to the top. No matter what, no one was going to out perform us. Call it cockiness or whatever, but we were the greatest tag team of our time. I think going into the hall of fame will definitely prove that we were one of the greats and we should be in the same league as some of the wrestlers who came before us like the LOD.

It was overwhelming to see a lot of younger talent come to us (when we came back to WWE in 2015) and tell us ‘Hey, I remember when you guys put Mae Young through a table’, or ‘I wanted to be a wrestler because of you’ or ‘I remember your legendary matches with the Hardy’s and Edge & Christian’ and thanked us.

New Day was definitely one of them. We’ve had great matches with New Day, but I remember several times Xavier Woods came to us and said we were the reason he wanted to be a Pro Wrestler. When you hear stuff like that from a younger generation because it says to me what we did make an impact. To see these guys show us the proper respect means a lot.”

• Braun Strowman Apologizes To Brock Lesnar For Royal Rumble 2018 Incident, Seen With An Ice Pack Backstage

As we noted before, Braun Strowman hit Brock Lesnar with a clean knee shot straight to the face at Royal Rumble 2018. This made “The Beast Incarnate” angry and he delivered a body shot and a stiff punch (not full force though) straight to Strowman’s head and told him to “slow the f*** down”.

Strowman was visibly shaken after Lesnar’s strikes and he reportedly apologized to Brock backstage after the match. Strowman was later seen with an ice pack on his face backstage.

You can watch the exchange of blows between Strowman & Lesnar below:

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