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11. Braun Strowman Gets On His Knees To Apologize To GFW Executive

It was reported that Raw wrestlers met up with GFW wrestlers at bar after the July 17th edition of Monday Night Raw.

According to the Wrestling Observer, GFW executive Karen Jarrett (wife of Jeff Jarrett and ex-wife of Kurt Angle) approached Braun Strowman and talked about how he’s the favorite wrestler of her son and asked for an autograph for her son. Strowman apparently had no idea who she was and talked rudely to her. This turned into a major scene with Karen cutting a loud promo on Strowman.

Karen then noted how she’s going to tell this incident to her son’s father, Kurt Angle (who is also the Raw General Manager). Strowman suddenly changed his tone after this and apologized. However, Karen noted that she’s still going to tell Kurt about this. Strowman then got on his knees to beg to not tell any of this to Angle.

This led to Karen saying that Strowman is only doing this because he now knows who the father of her son is, but he shouldn’t have acted rudely to a mom who was only trying to get an autograph for her son.

We’ll keep you updated on this story.

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