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Brock Lesnar To Address The Future Of The Universal Title Tonight On Raw, Taz Says Braun Strowman Doing The Undertaker Sit-Up On Raw Was Corny

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• Taz Says Braun Strowman Doing The Undertaker Sit-Up On Raw Was Corny

During a recent edition of “The Taz Show” podcast, ECW Legend Taz talked about last week’s episode of Raw. Below are the highlights:

On Raw Women’s Locker Room going after Absolution:

“Here’s my nitpicking moment. Don’t play Sasha’s music in the beginning. Just let them come out full speed running and the place will pop. You don’t have to play the music. You didn’t have to do it. You played it for about 5 seconds and shut it. Just stop the music. It should feel realistic. It feels real when they just come in.

And also what should have happened and didn’t happen, when the female wrestlers came flying down the ramp way and they all got in a ring, those three heels should have gotten out. They should not have been able to get to the heels. The heels should have ran through the crowd.

Keep the heat on those three girls. Those three girls are the money. It’d take the heat off them. You don’t have to do that. Let them go. I’m talking about the booking, not the girls. They’re just doing what ther’re told. I just think those girls should have powdered.”

On WWE taking a lot of time to turn Jason Jordan heel:

“Joe wrestled Dean and then Jason Jordan kind of kept interfering here and there and they ended up costing Dean the match. So I’m pretty sure they’re probably gonna go to a three-way next on Raw where it’s Joe, Dean and Jason Jordan. Maybe I spoke too soon. I’m not looking at their line-up for last week or what they said now. So pardon me if I’m wrong on that but I feel like they could go somewhere with a threeway at some point with that.

They’re taking a little long to turn him (Jason Jordan) and he’s kind of turning now. I hope for the kid, they turn and he’s just heel city and he’s hated. Hope he makes a billion dollars. God bless him! But there’s just something really missing from his persona, the way he comes off on television, the way he talks, his face.

I think they waited too long really. They had so many opportunities to turn him and they didn’t do it. I’m not saying that he’s not gonna turn because he is and I’m not saying that it won’t be real good when he does, but it would have been better if they would have did it about three or four weeks ago. Every week they wait, it gets worse and worse.”

On Braun Strowman doing The Undertaker’s sit-up:

“I thought The Undertaker’s sit-up thing by Braun and the way they had Kane sell it, the announcers sold it, I don’t know if maybe little kids buy it, but it’s getting like a little corny. The audience is much more sophisticated. You people as an audience for WWE are more sophisticated than you guys were 20 years ago or 10 years ago.

Just look at the evolution. It seems like almost yesterday or whatever 10-15 years ago whatever the hell it was, that they were doing bra and panty matches and it’s like thank god that’s gone. Because it’s great evolution for the game and for the female performers. And trust me most of the guys… they think it’s great for the females and they’re happy because it’s good for the business that everyone’s treated like athletes because they are.

But when you do the sit-up thing… I don’t know man. It’s probably a nitpicking thing.”

• Brock Lesnar To Address The Future Of The Universal Title Tonight On Raw

Below is what WWE posted regarding Universal Champion “The Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar returning on tonight’s episode of Raw:

“This past Monday night’s Raw main event should have decided Brock Lesnar’s Universal Championship challenger at the 2018 Royal Rumble event on Sunday, Jan. 28.

However, Braun Strowman and Kane’s hard-hitting bout quickly descended into chaos. Following a double count-out, neither Superstar emerged as The Beast’s challenger. So, who will rise to face The Conqueror?

Live on Raw, Lesnar returns to address the future of his championship — and the behemoths intent on capturing it.”

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