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Brock Lesnar Attends UFC 184

Brock Lesnar in UFC

Brock Lesnar as the UFC Heavyweight Champion

Brock Lesnar attended last night’s UFC 184 pay-per-view from Las Vegas. Lesnar created a lot of buzz as soon as he entered the arena and sat with UFC President Dana White.

This move created a lot of buzz in the pro-wrestling world as well because Lesnar “walked out” on Raw this past week. Lesnar was described as having a “huge smile on his face” when he arrived at the event.

During the UFC 187 press event earlier, Dana White was asked about Brock Lesnar possibly returning to UFC. Dana White said the same thing he has been saying for the past few months:

“When Brock’s contract is up with WWE, I’m sure he will call me.”

In a related news, Frank Mir recently defeated Antonio Silva in Brazil and said he’d love to have a rubber match with Lesnar.

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