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Brock Lesnar Destroys His Original Survivor Series 2017 Opponent On RAW

Brock Lesnar Survivor Series 2018

• OLD SCHOOL VIDEO HISTORY (November 12, 1988) – WWF Superstars of Wrestling

On this day in 1988, the World Wrestling Federation aired an episode of their weekly TV show ‘WWF Superstars of Wrestling’.

This episode was pre-taped at the Baltimore Arena in Baltimore, Maryland and featured matches, promos & storyline segments on the road to the ‘WWF Survivor Series 1988’ PPV.

Here’s the card:

1. Fabulous Rougeaus vs. The Rockers

2. Koko B. Ware vs. Mike Williams

3. Brain Busters vs. Allen Kinsey & Mario Mancini

4. Hercules vs. Al Navarro

5. Akeem vs. Tommy Causey

6. Jim Duggan vs. Bob Blackburn

• Brock Lesnar Destroys His Original Survivor Series 2017 Opponent On RAW

On tonight’s go-home episode of RAW for Survivor Series 2018, Brock Lesnar made his first appearance as a two time Universal Champion.

Paul Heyman then cut a promo on WWE Champion AJ Styles and gave a spoiler that Lesnar is going to beat Styles again.

Brock & Paul were then interrupted by former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. Mahal talks about how he was the one that was originally planned to face Lesnar last year at Survivor Series.

Mahal then gave Lesnar “Shanti” lessions and this led to Lesnar destroying both Mahal and The Singh Brothers!

Lesnar clotheslined Mahal out of the ring. Lesnar then suplexed The Singh Brothers multiple times. He then picked up one of the Singh Brothers and threw him on top of Mahal on the outside.

Lesnar then ended the segment after hitting an F5 on Mahal on the outside!

Lesnar delivered a brutal suplex to one of The Singh Brothers and dropped him on his head! You can check it out below:

You can watch the entire segment below:

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