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Brock Lesnar Not Returning Until SummerSlam?

Brock Lesnar busted open at WrestleMania 31

Brock Lesnar busted open at WrestleMania 31

As noted on Raw, Stephanie McMahon suspended Brock Lesnar indefinitely from the WWE. This was a punishment for Lesnar’s actions on Raw.

After Seth Rollins refused to give Lesnar a rematch for the WWE World Title on Raw, Lesnar went nuts and was hell bent on destroying Rollins, but Rollins managed to escape.

This pissed off Lesnar even more and he turned the announce table upside down & Booker T was under the table. Lesnar also delivered an F5 to Michael Cole and 2 F5’s to a camera man.

Since Brock Lesnar is still on a part time contract, WWE has decided to write him off WWE TV with that storyline and is not expected to return before Summerslam PPV in August.

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