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Brock Lesnar Refused To Work With A WWE Champion

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• Brock Lesnar Refused To Work With A WWE Champion

Back in 2017, WWE announced a WWE Champion vs. Universal Champion match between then WWE Champion Jinder Mahal and then Universal Champion Brock Lesnar as the main event for their annual Survivor Series PPV, with none of the 2 World Titles being on the line.

We all know what happened: AJ Styles defeated Mahal for the WWE Title before the pay-per-view and therefore took his place in the match against Lesnar at Survivor Series 2017.

Old School WWF Legend ‘The Road Dogg’ Jesse James (aka ‘BJ James’ Brian Armstrong) was recently interviewed on the Wrestling Outlaws podcast, where the former WWE Producer opened up about why WWE ended up changing the match and replaced Jinder with AJ.

Here’s what the legendary D-Generation X member said:

“Brock said ‘I’m not working with him’. Look, he said that about several people by the way.

Brock’s on another level. And so if you get somebody else that’s on, like, I don’t know that he’s on another level in a way where he could carry a Jinder Mahal title match and make it look competitive. I don’t know that he’s on that level.

But yeah, I don’t think Jinder could do it. You call it an experiment. And I honestly think it was a summer experiment. And when Brock came back and said ‘Okay, what are we going to do?’, we’ll do whatever we want to until Brock comes back, and then we’ll get the title on somebody to work with and we’ll have a main event match.”

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