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5. Can Scott Steiner Still Go In The Ring?

After Big Poppa Pump’s return on iMPACT Wrestling, some fans have wondered if he can still perform in the ring. After all he’s booked to team up with Josh Matthews at the upcoming Slammiversary 2017 PPV on July 2, 2017 where they wrestle the Team of Joseph Park (“The Monster” Abyss) and Jeremy Borash.

As you can see in the above video that shows one of his recent indy appearances, Scott Steiner can still perform very well.

Does that mean he has to do a lot of moves & high spots? HELL NO!

The days of Scott doing the Frankensteiner or a Manhattan Bulldog (top rope Bulldog) are most likely gone.

But that doesn’t matter, as he still works a crowd like no modern day era wrestler could ever do.

That’s one of the OLD SCHOOL ways of working a match, using ring psychology, crowd connection (in this case getting huge heat as a Heel) and doing very little as far as actual wrestling moves & high spots.

Scott Steiner is an expert on the mic and he knows like hardly anyone else, how to get a crowd to legitimately hate him and as an instant reaction boo the hell out of him.

iMPACT Wrestling needs him real bad now, as he’s literally the ONLY still active OLD SCHOOL Wrestler they have on their entire roster, and we all know that you need some of the veterans to put over the young talents, or otherwise the young talents will never make it to the next level.

AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode, … all the former TNA Wrestlers that ended up making it to the big league, were put over by Old School Legends like Sting & Kurt Angle!

With that being said: “Big Poppa Pump Is Your Hookup! Holla if ya hear me!”

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