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Brock Lesnar To Work All Raw Exclusive PPVs Of 2017?

Brock Lesnar WWE Undisputed Champion with Paul Heyman

With Brock Lesnar capturing the WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania 33, a good news might be coming. Word going on is that Lesnar is expected to have a lengthy reign with the Title and he might work all the Raw exclusive PPVs of 2017.

Next PPV will be Payback 2017 (Raw exclusive PPV) and Lesnar is expected to defend his Title on that PPV. Below is the promo for this PPV and you can see Lesnar being a part of it too:

During a pre-WrestleMania 33 interview with Between The Ropes, Paul Heyman was asked if his client “The Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar will appear more often on WWE TV if he wins the WWE Universal Championship. Below is what Heyman said:

“I would presume that after this Sunday my job will be to say ‘ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman and I’m the advocate for the reigning, defending, Undisputed Universal Champion Brock Lesnar’, and should that be the case, as a spoiler I say it will be the case, I think defending that championship will be on the table and will be on Brock Lesnar’s plate, and we will probably be more visible this year than we have in the past five years in WWE, simply because there will be a title to defend, and it’s a new title and you want to establish that title.

The WWE Championship, we didn’t have to defend that often, because it was already an established championship. But now you have two competing championships and you don’t want to be the champion who isn’t as visible as the other champion.”

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