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Brother Love On What Vince McMahon’s Reaction Was When He First Saw The 1-2-3 Kid

X Pac X-Pac 123 Kid Sean Waltman

During a recent edition of Something To Wrestle With podcast, Bruce Prichard (f.k.a Brother Love in the World Wrestling Federation) discussed the arrival of the 1-2-3 Kid in the WWF and him beating “The Bad Guy” Razor Ramon.

Below is the story:

“It sure as hell wasn’t planned six months in advance. Razor was getting a babyface reaction. Big, good looking guy — tough guy and the crowd was really drawn to him. He had natural charisma and he was oozing machismo, man.

So the crowd was getting behind him. They liked the son of a b***h. So you kinda wanna feed into that but at the same time you don’t. At the same time, we had brought in Sean Waltman. We didn’t know what to do with Sean. I had worked with Sean in the Global Wrestling Federation prior to that during my hiatus from the WWF. And we brought Sean in, Vince McMahon took one look at him and was like, ‘what in the hell are we supposed to do with this?’

We brought Waltman out in the Manhattan Center on Monday Night Raw and the crowd knew who he was which — thank god. But they were chanting “Lightning Kid, Lightning Kid.” Vince didn’t wanna use the name Lightning Kid — he looked like a kid so Vince wanted to keep the Kid thing.

So each week we changed Waltman’s name from Cannonball Kid, Kamikaze Kid, each week it would change until something would stick. And the idea was we would get into three or four weeks when we would get into the Razor match and Razor would just beat the dogs*** outta him and the Kid would catch a quick fall on Razor.

What we did not plan, we did not expect and it was one of those beautiful moments in wrestling was after Kid beat Razor and Razor stood in the ring holding up two fingers like ‘what the hell?’ And the crowd started chanting ‘1-2-3, 1-2-3’ and Vince was like: ‘He’s the 1-2-3 Kid pal, goddamnit we got something there!’”

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