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Buff Bagwell Makes A Joke About Braun Strowman’s Wrestling Promotion, Strowman Fires Back

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• Buff Bagwell Makes A Joke About Braun Strowman’s Wrestling Promotion, Strowman Fires Back

Braun Strowman and EC3 have started their own promotion – Control Your Narrative (CYN).

Strowman recently called out Tony Khan for banning AEW wrestlers from competing in his promotion because CYN is a threat to All Elite Wrestling in his opinion.

After this, WCW Veteran Buff Bagwell joked about joining CYN, which resulted in a heated exchange with Strowman, including both men bringing up each other’s past arrests.

You can read their Twitter exchange below:

Buff: I just joined CYN. Wait, never mind, it was just gas.

Braun: Funny you gonna try and throw shade cause what you think it’s the cool thing to do.

You wanna look edgy?? Cause you sure were a mark asking to take a picture with me. You should probably worry about your narrative.

Fan: Buff Bagwell is hardcore pandering to progressive wrestling fans who he hopes defends him from the fact that he is CURRENTLY facing a dozen charges in Cobb County, GA for a DUI crash that could have killed someone.

Braun: It’s sad isn’t it. Also imagine being someone defending those actions like they are ok.

Buff: Should I have done it on the water? Adam Scherr, something about glass houses. I’m open about my past mistakes, and tend not to bring others up against them.

You got offended because I made a joke about something I didn’t even know you were part of because I didn’t know you.

My agent wanted me to get a picture with you, it was no different than any other fan I took a picture with that weekend.

Braun: Did I get a driving ticket on a boat yes. The rest of that picture you posted is fake. I wasn’t with WWE definitely didn’t spend the night in jail. Paid my ticket and went on about life.

And I’ll man up right now and admit I came at you too hard. I went for the kill. And shouldn’t have.

I understand you didn’t know I was a part of CYN. But imagine you being one of the boys taking shots at a place giving work to other wrestlers. We should be sticking together to better the industry.

It’s toxic enough with the IWC. We shouldn’t be going at each other on social. Best wishes.

Buff: I agree we should be sticking together. But we also need to listen to the fans, even the ones we don’t like because they pay our bills. Let’s all be better. Much love brother.

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