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Canceled Plan For Sammy Guevara Due To AEW Suspension Revealed

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Jeff Hardy got injured during a No DQ match against Sammy Guevara on AEW Rampage on February 14. Guevara’s knee landed on Jeff’s face during a Shooting Star Press.

All Elite Wrestling suspended Sammy after this incident, according to Fightful Select.

After Hardy got injured, proper concussion protocol was not followed. Additionally, Guevara performed his finishing move on Hardy, a maneuver that, as per reports, should not have been executed given the circumstances.

Before Sammy’s suspension, the plan was for him to team up with Chris Jericho in the Tag Team Championship tournament.

Here’s what the Wrestling Observer reported:

“Originally, it was gonna be the Jericho and Kenny Omega tag team. And obviously, you know, that fell through. And then it was gonna be Jericho and Sammy Guevara tag team for the tournament. Sammy Guevara suspended.

It was on the February 14 show when he wrestled Jeff Hardy. So when he did the shooting star press, he nailed Jeff Hardy with his knee, right in Jeff Hardy’s face, and broke his nose. They came out, and they told him because of concussion protocol to finish the match, and he didn’t finish the match.

He also did the GTH, which is a move where you hit the guy in the head, which is exactly… Jeff did not have a concussion. He had a broken nose. But they didn’t know that at the time. At the time it was suspected. So they were mad at Guevara for not going right to the finish. So I get why he was suspended.

In this situation, the doctors should’ve stopped the match, and it should not have been up to Sammy Guevara to take it home. The Jericho and Guevara team is now out the window. So I guess it’s going to be Jericho and Hook.”

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