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Carmella & Corey Graves’ New WWE Reality Show Is Not PG (Video)

Corey Graves Carmella WWE Couple

• Carmella & Corey Graves’ New WWE Reality Show Is Not PG (Video)

“Corey and Carmella” is a new reality show that will air on WWE’s YouTube channel, that will be about the personal life of this real-life couple.

Carmella and Corey Graves discussed about this show on their Bare With Us podcast. You can read it below:

Corey: It is in conjunction with WWE. Full story, full disclosure, this has been a project that has been in the works since the infancy of this podcast. It happened right away. We got contacted by our good friends at Glass Entertainment.

Carmella: They contacted my publicist. They saw our podcast, I don’t know where they saw it, they saw a video that we had posted on Instagram or something. They contact my publicist, my publicist contacted me. They didn’t even realize we were in WWE, they had no idea, they say. I don’t know if that’s true.

The rest is really history. We brought it to WWE, ‘Hey, we have this opportunity, what do you guys think?’ It takes time to figure out how we’re going to go about it and how they are going to be involved. A lot of negotiation. Business.

Basically, we shot a pilot episode. They took the pilot, chopped it up into ten 5-minute episodes. It’s not like this thing we’re going to see on a network or anything. It’s on WWE’s YouTube.

Corey: It’s going to drop February 28. I believe the entire series will be dropped. It’s all subject to change.

WWE released a trailer for this show, and it’s not PG. You can watch it below:

Carmella also retweeted an article from The Wrap with the headline “WWE’s ‘Corey & Carmella’ Trailer Is Pretty Much Entirely About $ex”.

Below are the release dates for the episodes:

Episode 1 – Monday, Feb. 28

Episode 2 – Monday, Feb. 28

Episode 3 – Tuesday, March 1

Episode 4 – Wednesday, March 2

Episode 5 – Thursday, March 3

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