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Carmella Is Dealing With A Major Injury Due To Giving Birth

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In a heartwarming turn of events last November, WWE personalities Carmella and Corey Graves celebrated the birth of their first child together. Named Dimitri Paul Polinsky, the newborn brought immense joy to the couple after they had previously faced the challenges of miscarriage.

Carmella, a former SmackDown Women’s Champion, had endured a difficult journey, grappling with depression following an ectopic pregnancy. The arrival of Dimitri marked a poignant moment for the couple, symbolizing hope and resilience after their past struggles.

However, the road to parenthood was not without its trials. Carmella endured a grueling 60-hour labor, a testament to her strength and determination in welcoming their bundle of joy into the world.

As fans eagerly anticipate Carmella’s return to WWE television, she recently addressed her absence on The Nikki & Brie Show. Expressing her longing for the WWE Universe, Carmella revealed that her hiatus is due to a condition called ‘drop foot’, stemming from an injury sustained during childbirth.

Here’s what Carmella said:

“Of course. I’m sure you guys can relate. I miss the fans. I miss performing. I fell in love with that and have been doing it for 11 years. More than anything, I want to prove to myself, ‘I can go through this insane experience of labor, delivering, pregnancy, and my body is completely different from the inside out,’ but I’d love to go back and prove that I can.

No one else, just to myself, but unfortunately, I’ve been dealing with what is called drop foot. I have an injury from labor and delivery and pushing the baby out. I have herniated discs in my back, which push on this nerve that is connected to my right foot. The top of my foot it’s hard to lift. I’m literally limping around everywhere.

It’s gotten better. I’ve been wrestling for 11 years, and other than some concussions, knock-on-wood, never had any injuries. Now, I have a major injury from delivering my son.”

Carmella’s last match to date took place in March 2023.

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