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Change In WWE World Title Plans For Seth Rollins

"Mr. Money in the Bank" Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins

After the Rollins-nude photo leak news came out, it was believed that there was no heat on Rollins for that as the officials thought that he was hacked. But Reddit’s MetsFan4Ever (a former backstage worker in WWE who broke out many inside news) reported that Rollins would be fined a small amount of money.

Triple H was against the idea of fining Rollins, but Vince felt someone needs to be held responsible and due to the fact that he can’t punish any of the women involved, it had to be Rollins.

The original plans had Rollins cashing-in his MITB contract in June to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but some people within WWE think he’s not going to win the title anytime soon due to this controversy.

This story got a lot of mainstream media coverage & WWE officials were very upset at Elvis Duran, who runs a morning radio show and is one of the most listened to radio shows in New York City, for speaking on this topic for about 15 minutes.

WWE officials held a small meeting regarding this and the WWE talents were told not to address this controversy in public & they were advised to immediately remove any photos from their phones that would be considered risky.

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