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Charlotte Flair Makes Big Career Announcement During WWE Hiatus

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WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair is set to make waves beyond the wrestling ring as she dives into the realm of cinema with her latest project.

Reports from Deadline reveal that Flair, known in the entertainment world as Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr, has secured a prominent role in the upcoming indie horror/thriller film titled “You Lose You Die”, penned by Carlos “Spiff TV” Suarez. As preproduction gains momentum, Flair’s involvement adds an exciting dimension to the burgeoning narrative.

Plot Synopsis

“You Lose You Die” delves into a chilling world dominated by a sociopathic tech expert named Mr. Fantastik, portrayed by Freddy Rodriguez. Alongside fellow tech-savvy antagonists Ms. Perfect, portrayed by Flair herself, and Mr. Creep, played by Anthony Alvarez, Mr. Fantastik orchestrates a sinister web show on the dark corners of the internet.

Viewers engage in a macabre interactive experience, voting on gruesome games and challenges for imprisoned contestants. As the stakes escalate, so does the brutality, with viewers determining the weapons utilized by the sociopaths to execute the unfortunate losers.

Cast and Crew

Joining Flair in this spine-tingling endeavor are a talented ensemble cast including Josh Bredl, Sophia Zimba, Ashley Hernandez, Alejandro Duran, Noah Crider, Marcella Acuña, Mercy Grant, and Lydia Faith Gomez. Behind the scenes, the project boasts a formidable team of executive producers, with Freddy Rodriguez, Josue “Sway” Mendez, and Ulysses Terrero at the helm. Mendez takes on the additional role of producer, ensuring a seamless execution of the gripping narrative.

Flair’s Transition to Film

Flair’s foray into “You Lose You Die” marks a significant milestone in her burgeoning acting career. While she gained recognition as a WWE powerhouse, her cameo in “Psych: The Movie” in 2017 hinted at her versatility beyond the squared circle.

Despite being sidelined with a knee injury since December 2023, Flair remains steadfast in her pursuit of excellence, diligently rehabbing to reclaim her spot in the ring. With her involvement in this thrilling cinematic venture, Flair continues to captivate audiences across diverse platforms, showcasing her innate talent and versatility.

Flair commented the following about this upcoming movie:

“So incredibly excited to be a part of this movie. You’ll be in for a treat.”

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