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Chris Jericho Criticized For Slow Motion Indy Match, Y2J Fires Back

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• Chris Jericho Criticized For Slow Motion Indy Match, Y2J Fires Back

During a recent indy match, current AEW Superstar Chris Jericho and his Jericho Appreciation Society stable members were seen working a sequence in slow motion.

You can watch it below:

After seeing this, below is what fans tweeted about it:

“When the self-proclaimed locker room leader is doing sh*t like this, it’s more evident than ever that Jericho is just along for the grift, pal.”

“Garbage…Jericho continues to ruin his legacy 🤡”

“1. ⁠What the f**k?

2.⁠ Why are there so many people in the ring?

3.⁠ Why are people okay with this?

Jericho must have demanded everyone in the match needs work at his speed.”

“For me, over the years I’ve just become less and less of a Jericho fan, because he puts his foot in his mouth a lot of the time, like recently he claimed that he invented people singing to the theme of a Wrestler, and it’s like what dude? In the 90’s people sang Enter Sandman.”

“‘How To Ruin Your Legacy Without Even Trying’ – By Chris Jericho”

“I couldn’t make it through 30 seconds of that, can’t imagine sitting there live: Not that it matters but is there any context to why they’re all moving in slow motion?”

“If you’re into this kind of thing, that’s nice. But for any self respecting pro wrestler to do this, just shows how far Jericho has fallen.”

“As an acting exercise it is awesome but as wrestling—even wrestling entertainment, that’s an abomination.”

“It’s like seeing a bad stand up comic but you laugh anyway because you don’t want to feel like you wasted your night/money.”

“Just when you think it can’t get any worse this week… @TheJimCornette @GreatBrianLast @IAmJericho Can you explain to me what the f**k I’m watching?!?!”

Jericho saw the last tweet and replied:

“Hey Greg. Go f**k your a$$…”

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