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Chris Jericho Reveals How He Tricked Vince McMahon Into Unbanning The Styles Clash

Chris Jericho - Undisputed WWF Champion

During a recent appearance on 107.7 The Bone, WWF Legend Chris Jericho revealed how he tricked Vince McMahon into unbanning the Styles Clash. Below is the story as told by Y2J:

“When AJ Styles came in I believed he was going to be a huge star which of course he is. He had this finishing move called the Styles Clash which was kind of unofficially banned in the WWE because there were rumors that people had gotten hurt from it and all that sort of thing, but I knew it was a great move. I knew it was an easy move to take. I knew it was something that could give AJ an extra color to paint your pictures with.

I basically started taking it during matches just so Vince could see it. I figured if he saw it and didn’t want me to do it then he would know…and people were so mad at me because I was kicking out of the move like “Jericho’s burying A.J…” It’s like shut up you idiots I have a plan here.

Eventually I went to Vince and said “Did you see that move that AJ Did?” Never using the words the Styles Clash because I knew…that name is taboo. Oh, the Styles Clash you can’t do it. So, I said you know that move where he picks me up and dumps me on my face? He should use that as a finish!” Yes, absolutely use it as a finish.” So, I was able to kind of indirectly able to get the move unbanned by just doing it, and not asking for permission, and never using the name Styles Clash when I talked to Vince about it.

Now it’s one of AJ’s biggest moves. I believed it could work. I wanted to stand up for it, but once again you have to be kind of sly about it sometimes. It was actually a pretty cool process and it makes for a great story in the book for sure.”

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