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Chris Jericho To Naito – “I’ve Seen Pieces Of S*** Like You Come & Go”

Chris Jericho To Face Kenny Omega At NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 12

• Old School Wrestler Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WWF developmental wrestler Bryan Danielson (currently competing under the name Daniel Bryan in WWE) turns 37 today.

After coming out of “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michael’s wrestling school in 2000, Danielson was signed to a developmental contract by the World Wrestling Federation, where he went on to wrestle in occasional dark-matches, house-show matches and spent most of the time, wrestling for the WWF developmental promotion ‘Memphis Championship Wrestling’ (successor of the USWA), before being released in 2001.

Bryan returned to the now renamed WWE in 2002, though without a contract, doing jobs on smaller C-shows like HEAT & Velocity before leaving again in 2003.


• Chris Jericho To Naito – “I’ve Seen Pieces Of S*** Like You Come & Go”

At New Japan Pro Wrestling’s NJPW Best of the Super Jr. (Night 4) event, a promo from Old School WWF Legend Chris Jericho aired and it was about Jericho’s next opponent in NJPW, Tetsuya Naito.

Below are the most important parts of Jericho’s promo (full video of this promo is below the transcript):

“Naito, I’m gonna f*** you up. I’m gonna take your Intercontinental Championship from you – not because you want it – you don’t want it – you’re ‘too Tranquilo’. I’m not tranquilo. I’m f***in crazy.

Naito, I’m gonna take the Intercontinental Championship from you and add it to my collection. 10 Time Intercontinental Champion.

You say you’re superior to me in every way other than name recognition? Hey man, like I said, you’re great, you’re beyond great! You’re the best New Japan has to offer. But I’ve seen pieces of s*** like you come and go, year, after year, and guess what? Chris Jericho is still here.

That’s why I came to New Japan, to f*** you up, “Mr. Main-Event” (laughs). You have no idea what it takes to be in the main event, you have no idea what it IS to be THE main event. Well Naito, congratulations, you got your wish, you’re gonna be the most popular star in the world now. And you’re gonna be known as the man that Chris Jericho made famous. Because I’m gonna make you famous Naito, when I beat your f***in a$$ at Dominion, take the Intercontinental Championship from you – away from those filthy animals in Japan – and take it back to the United States where it belongs.”

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