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CM Punk Got A Legal Letter Sent To AEW Over A BTE Skit

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The Elite is always trying to stir the pot on their YouTube show, Being The Elite. Sometimes they take shots at WWE and sometimes they just poke fun at backstage issues in AEW.

Although it’s just done for fun, some people take The Elite’s actions too seriously at times.

Apparently, former AEW World Champion CM Punk took one of skits on the show seriously as well, which was a storyline that had started years ago about Matt Jackson messing up an endorsement deal.

The Wrestling Observer reports that at the same time a meeting between The Elite and CM Punk was pitched, AEW had informed The Young Bucks of a legal letter sent to the company claiming that they had violated the agreement to not talk negatively about the other publicly.

As noted before, AEW had a meeting planned between The Elite and Punk in the presence of President Tony Khan, which was set to take place in Atlanta, just a few days before All In.

However, it was reportedly called off by The Elite’s camp.

After the brawl between The Elite and Punk at All Out last year, the two sides had signed an agreement about not talking about each other publicly.

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