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BREAKING: CM Punk Loses At UFC 225

CM Punk

• “I’m done, I’m done, I’m done with professional wrestling” – CM Punk

During a recent interview with TSN Sports, former WWE wrestler CM Punk was asked about his recent comments where he noted that nobody has contacted him for an appearance at “ALL IN” and if that means he wants to come back.

Below is what Punk said:

“Yesterday I said a bunch of stuff about wrestling, about how I’d never gotten a true offer… that does not mean I want to wrestle. I’m done, I’m done, I’m done with professional wrestling. A lot of people like to be mad at me about that and make fun of me because I lost my first fight, and it’s like…that’s fine, you’re entitled to your opinion but you do not own me and I am entitled to do what I want to do, and that’s what I’m doing.

Wrestling is in the rear view mirror. I’ve been trying for 5 years to put wrestling in the rear view mirror and some people just won’t, they won’t let it go. They want to live my life for me. I kind of don’t understand that. It doesn’t matter what I say, I’ve said no and no, no, no, so many times that people just always kind of are like, ‘Oh, so there’s a chance?'”

• CM Punk vs. Mike Jackson (UFC 225) – Live Coverage

The opening fight of tonight’s UFC 225 PPV is former WWE wrestler CM Punk taking on Mike “The Truth” Jackson. MMA record of both these fighters is 0-1.

Punk made his UFC debut back in 2016 at UFC 203, where he lose the fight via submission to Mickey Gall in the very first round.

Mike Jackson makes his way out first and out next is CM Punk. Punk comes out to “Cult of Personality”. Punk comes out and greets the fans.

The fight begins and so do “CM Punk” chants. Punk gets the early advantage on Mike.

Punk is trying to get a takedown, but fails. Punk lands a punch on Mike. Mike lands a punch and Punk is busted open.

Punk finally takes down Mike. Punk lands an elbow and another shot before Mike gets up. Mike lands a shot and the round ends. Punk is bleeding from the nose.

Punk’s face is showing the damage. Punk tries to take Mike down once again, but Mike counters. Punk lands a punch. Mike lands a big punch and Punk is shook!

Punk locks Mike in a submission on the ground, but Mike comes out of it and is on top and throwing shots at Punk. Mike is playing with Punk and lands big punches!

Punk is eating punches and Punk’s side is screaming for Triangle Choke. Punk almost gets Mike in the Triangle, but Mike gets out. Punk eats big punches again.

1 Minute still left in round 2. Mike lands an elbow now. Punk’s face is busted as the second round ends. Punk manages to land a couple of shots before the round ends. Mike definitely won this round.

The third and final round begins and Punk almost falls down after taking a punch. Punk is gassed out and eats another shot. Punk is trying to get a takedown, but couldn’t. Mike lands an elbow.

Mike takes down Punk and is landing punches on Punk. Less than a minute left in this fight now. Punk is only trying to defend himself now, no attack.

The fight ends with Punk getting on top of Mike and both fighters hug after their 3 round war.

Winner: Mike “The Truth” Jackson (via unanimous decision)

Punk is 0-2 in MMA (UFC) now.

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