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CM Punk Reportedly Talked With AEW About A Big Money Contract

CM Punk Crying AEW All Elite Wrestling

• Old School Lucha Libre Legend Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WCW/AAA Legend “The Chairman of WCW” La Parka (Real name: Adolfo Tapia) celebrates his 54th birthday today.

The fans here in the United States will mainly remember La Parka for his time in Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling from 1996 till 2000.

In 2003, he had to change his name because of a legal battle and from that point on he is now known as “L.A. ParK”.


• CM Punk Reportedly Talked With AEW About A Big Money Contract

After former WWE Champion CM Punk made his return on WWE Backstage this week, Bryan Alvarez revealed on Wrestling Observer Live that Punk met with AEW President Tony Khan for a big money contract with All Elite Wrestling.

Below is what Alvarez said:

“What I can tell you about negotiations with Punk is that Punk did, in fact negotiate with AEW. I know the story that he gave was that they sent him some texts and it was this, it was that.

CM Punk met in person with Tony Khan about AEW and they offered him lots of money and he ended up doing this WWE on FOX gig.

Now, what does that mean? I don’t know. It could mean that CM Punk doesn’t have any interest in actually wrestling. It could be that CM Punk wants to continue doing what he’s doing in his life and he’s over the in-ring aspect of it.

He was given a great deal to not even work every week. They made it abundantly clear that he is not a host of this show. He is a special contributor. He will be making appearances on a regular basis. He’s not even going to be there every week.

It could be that FOX has got a lot of money. It could be that FOX offered him an ungodly amount of money to occasionally show up as a contributor for a show on FS1 and he took the money and that’s what he’s doing.

It could be that CM Punk does, in fact, want to wrestle and he knows with WWE’s new television deals that they’re going to offer him a ridiculous amount of money to wrestle.”

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