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CM Punk Reunites With His Former Tag Team Partner On RAW

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CM Punk came out on tonight’s RAW and said he debuted in this building and it is also the building where he walked out of WWE. He said if fans were let down that night, he apologizes.

Punk said RAW General Manager Adam Pearce has offered him a deal that is much better than what SmackDown and NXT offered him.

He said he is here to right a wrong and his future starts now. Punk said this is 10 years in the making and congratulated Pearce because Punk is home and is the newest RAW Superstar.

Punk shook Pearce’s hand and signed the RAW contract. As Punk was celebrating, World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins came out.

They had a face off for almost a minute. Rollins then grabbed a mic and welcomed Punk to “Monday Night Rollins”. Rollins then said:

“Don’t you dare call this place your home.”

Rollins said Punk abandoned this place and actively tried to tear this place down, and that it’s his home, not Punk’s. Rollins said he will do everything in his power to protect his home from people like Punk.

Seth then said he hates Punk with every fibre in his being. Seth said he actually wants Punk on RAW if Punk is going to be in WWE, because the truth always comes out and this is Punk’s last chance. Seth says Punk is going to self destruct again and he’s going to be the one to shut the door on Punk’s legacy.

Rollins said if Punk still has what it takes and earns the opportunity to face him for the World Title, then he will tell Punk who the Best in the World actually is because he will wrestle circles around him.

Punk said this was Seth’s one pass to disrespect him. Punk then made another thing official – he is entering the Royal Rumble. Punk then teased coming after Rollins when he wins the Rumble.

You can watch this complete segment below:

Later in a backstage segment, Punk met The Judgment Day backstage and asked where Rhea Ripley is. Damian Priest said he hopes Punk is the one around here to ‘finish the story’, because if he does, then Priest will be waiting to cash-in the Money In The Bank contract.

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Drew McIntyre met Punk backstage and said he doesn’t care about Punk’s story or Cody Rhodes’ story, he only cares about his own story. Punk then reunited with his former tag team partner Kofi Kingston (they held the World Tag Team Championship together) and also met Chad Gable & Ricochet. Punk said he’s heard Ricochet is awful at playing video games.

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