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CM Punk Reveals What He Told John Cena At Money In The Bank 2024

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Below are the highlights from the Money In The Bank 2024 post-show press conference.

– John Cena said he won’t have his final match at WrestleMania 41. WrestleMania 41 will feature his final WrestleMania match, not his final match. His retirement tour will go on from January to December 2025 and he plans to work 30-40 dates next year.

– Cena told WWE Officials that he’s considering retiring and they told him that 2025 would be the right time for him to retire, especially with RAW and PLEs moving to Netflix, so it’s a big time.

– A reporter asked Cena it looked like he has unfinished business with The Rock after what happened at WrestleMania 40. When asked if he’d face The Rock or a new wrestler that he has never faced before in his retirement match, Cena said he is in no position to handpick opponents.

– When asked about a possible heel turn, Cena said you’ll get his authentic self in this final run.

– When asked about what Vince McMahon means to him even after the allegations, John Cena said he’d much rather talk about what’s ahead of us. Cena said he has already talked about Vince and it’s easy to find. Cena said WWE is in good hands with TKO.

– Cena said he’ll be retiring the Jorts as he will be doing nothing physical in WWE after he retires.

– CM Punk told John Cena that they’ve got to wrestle one more time.

– Triple H said he can’t talk about legal stuff when asked about the federal investigation against Vince McMahon.

– HHH confirmed that no one suffered an injury at Money In The Bank.

– There was a pinfall botch during the World Heavyweight Championship match between Damian Priest and Seth Rollins at Money In The Bank, as Priest didn’t kick out (as Drew McIntyre’s music hitting was likely supposed to break up the count).

You can watch it below:

When asked about this during the post-show press conference, Triple H joked that the referee’s decision is final. Human beings are in the ring, mistakes happen. It is what it is. It’s a shame that that’s all people are going to remember from this match.

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