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CM Punk & Rusev Almost Got Into A Fight At AEW All In

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On the AEW All In Zero Hour, “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry took a shot at CM Punk as he told him to “go cry a river” after using real glass in his FTW Championship match against HOOK.

After Perry went backstage, he and Punk got into a brawl.

There was a report about Punk’s side claiming that Perry initiated the fight, which was shot down by Miro (fka Rusev in WWE) on Twitter as he called it “fake and untrue.”

According to Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer, Punk and Miro almost got into a fight backstage. When Punk came through the curtain, Miro approached him and asked him, “What happened with Jack Perry?” and Punk replied, “Oh so now you got a problem with me?”.

Things escalated to a point where the two guys wanted to “step outside”, but Punk went back to the trainer’s room and things didn’t get physical.

It was also noted that Warner Bros. Discovery’s side claims that Punk’s match for All Out is canceled due to his suspension.

The investigation could possibly be done by the weekend, although it’s not confirmed at the moment. Many people think Punk will return to AEW, but there are some who think he’s done with the company.

The incident apparently “put a damper on the whole show for a lot of the talent” as a lot of people backstage are fans of Jack Perry.

A friend of Punk is said to have gotten so frustrated over the situation that he punched a wall and broke his hand. According to PWTorch, that friend is Brody King, but it’s not confirmed yet.

Earlier today, Miro tweeted a picture of a Taxi, which was apparently a shot at Punk.

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