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CM Punk’s Backstage Reaction To Seth Rollins Going Off On Him At Survivor Series 2023

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After the Men’s WarGames match ended and the show was about to end, CM Punk made a shocking return to WWE after almost 10 years.

According to Sean Ross Sapp, WWE’s Chief Content Officer Triple H told the wrestlers involved in the main event about Punk’s return just a few minutes before their match started:

“CM Punk told at least one person close to him he had an hour long conversation with Triple H last week.

WWE staff, reps, creative had no idea. He walked through the back in plain site minutes before he appeared. They had cleared an area out.

Triple H took over calling the show in the last couple of minutes and called for the copyright logo. Even many in production didn’t know.

Talent involved were told very shortly before the main event that CM Punk would be coming out.”

World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins wasn’t happy to see Punk return. He was seen shouting “F**k you” at Punk while throwing middle fingers and had to be held back. You can watch the following footage that wasn’t shown during the PLE:

Sapp later reported the following about what happened backstage and Punk’s reaction:

“Backstage in Gorilla position, we’re told that Seth Rollins had to be ushered away by Triple H and Michael Cole, as he was not happy about Punk’s appearance. Punk was said to have looked confused by it.

At least to people in the area, it was said to be an awkward scene.

Obviously because of the nature of pro wrestling, and what we report on, it could possibly be a work.”

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