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Cody Rhodes & Brandi Rhodes Comment On Their AEW Departure

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As we reported earlier, Cody Rhodes and his wife Brandi Rhodes have left AEW.

Cody issued the following statement on his departure:

“I have loved my time at AEW. Amazing locker room, amazing fans, amazing people. The ‘revolution’ was indeed televised, and I’ve been incredibly lucky to be part of that.

First, I want to thank Tony Khan. He’s taken the baton and run with it, and it was an honor to work for him and to know him on a personal level. He’s a beautiful soul. Obviously need to thank my incredible wife and the mother of my baby girl, Brandi, for all of her love and support throughout this journey together and the amazing relationships she fostered with Kulture City and the American Heart Association.

I also need to thank Nick and Matt Jackson (these two, whether they know it or not, took an undesired and not confident lir cub and gifted me the confidence to become a leader of the pack), Kenneth Omega, Chris Jericho, Chicken…we started the fire.

I must thank Tim W/Keith M/Greg W and the amazing production crew who understood and captured the vision with such grace, I can’t name everybody. But thank you to Megha, Margaret, Harrington, Jeff Jones, Dana, Tony Schiavone, Bern, Raf, and the hardest worker in the game, QT Marshall, for propping me up and kicking me in the a$$ when I was running on fumes.

I must thank all my kiddos…MJF, Jade, Sammy, Darby, Lee, Ricky, Tom, The Gunns, Brock, Velvet, Nyla, Aubrey, Turner, Vanilla, Solo, Spears, Julia, Anna, Will, Wardlow, Sonny, Fuego 1 and of course, -1. While we’re at it, give Jade the Codyvator!

Also need to take a moment to thank the great partners at Warner Media including Brett, Sam, and the rest of the team. I have so many milestones and beautiful memories of this renaissance…through sweat, blood, tears, literal fire, and all that…I left it all on the mat.

Everything pales in comparison to the final contribution I was empowered to lead at the company, the community outreach team. In the most inward moments, your outward behavior and your ability to take fame/influence and do something of value for the communities you visit (whether the cameras are on or off) is the highest honor.

I am confident Amanda Huber will lead the department with style. I’m so proud of my creations and contributions and the items I supported or collaborated on with such wonderful professionals.”

Brandi issued the following statement on her depature:

“A heartfelt thank you to every fan that has supported me in AEW. It was an honor to be the company’s first Chief Brand Officer. The thank you list is long so I’ll try not to wander.

Thank you to Kulture City, Special Olympics Illinois, and the American Heart Association for allowing me to cultivate these amazing partnerships. Thank you to every AEW Heel that helped me build a dream community of female fans.

Thank you to every AEW wrestler and talent that worked hard to create a great locker room environment.

Thank you to the production team, make up team, and seamstresses. Thank you Dustin, QT, Jerry Lynn, and Leva Bates, for every ounce of energy, help, and encouragement you provided. Thank you to my husband for being that constant rock and partner every single day.

Thank you to TNT, TBS and WarnerMedia for treating my family like your family. Thank you to Tony Khan for giving me this opportunity and platform. I will move forward with my daughter and this quote in mind.

‘We must take time to define our own path. Too quickly we can find the world defining it for us’

– Unknown


‘I’ll see you on the flippity flop’

– Michael Scott”

Tap here to read what AEW President Tony Khan wrote about their departure.

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