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Cody Rhodes Comments On AEW Taking Shots At WWE, Seth Rollins – Kenny Omega Throwing Insults At Each Other

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This episode featured pre-taped matches, interviews & storyline segments on the road to ‘Starrcade 1988’.

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• Cody Rhodes Comments On AEW Taking Shots At WWE, Seth Rollins – Kenny Omega Throwing Insults At Each Other

During a recent appearance on ESPN Radio, AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes talked about AEW taking shots at WWE, Seth Rollins – Kenny Omega throwing insults at each other & more.

Below are the highlights:

On AEW taking shots at WWE:

“I just see the way that Kevin Dunn shoots WWE, and not so much the booking of it but how he shoots it, it’s kind of setting the ball up for [AEW]. We wanted to be an alternative.

Now of course when you’re counter-programmed on your night, you are competing. It’s no longer just an alternative but we still say that we want to be an alternative because what we’re doing is completely different.

Here’s the only thing you will recognize – the ring in the center of the building. Okay, that’s a wrestling ring; everything else that we’re doing is a very, very different kind of wrestling.

And that’s why it’s sometimes fun to poke fun at [WWE] and not in a mean-spirited way.

All of these rules that have been in place for 20 years, they’re not wrestling rules. They’re WWE rules. Oh, it’s a contract signing so there has to be a fight. Oh, the person can’t just look at the monitor, they have to stand to the side because that’s how Kevin likes to shoot it. It’s some nonsense and it worked for them until it stopped working for them.

We’re just happy to do wrestling how we want to do it.

The good thing about our partners at Warner Media and the TNT family? They weren’t there during the Attitude Era or the Monday night wars. There was nobody on staff except for maybe one guy, and that is great.

It’s all young, open minded, congruent with what an actual snapshot of America and the world looks like today. It’s like a utopia at the moment in terms of synergy that we get from our partners at Warner Media and how they allow us to lead this.

We’re not under the gun; the biggest pressure we’re under is our own pressure to deliver because we had such an unbelievable debut – the biggest debut in five years for a Warner Media institution. We were opposed, and to do so well against WWE and to still be doing well? The pressure we’re putting on ourselves is ample already.”

WATCH: Cody Rhodes Takes A Shot At WWE On AEW Dynamite:

On Kenny Omega taking a shot at NXT and Seth Rollins taking a shot at AEW:

“For the developmental comments when they came from Kenny, and then when the minor league comments came from Seth, I think that’s just two really great athletes.

In the case of Seth specifically trying to prod, or poke, or get under the skin of one another, I don’t think it was as mean-spirited as the world made them out to be. I think Seth is super talented; I believe I had his very first dark match in WWE. He’s a unique soul, he’s super talented, he works his a$$ off for them when a lot of people in the company just look to collect a check.

I kind of just sit back in those moments and don’t take it personally because part of wrestling is us talking sh*t about each other, so, I never take anything personally.

And I’m surprised when we’re such a ‘woke’ culture that we take everything as a, ‘Stop saying WWE!’ Enjoy it; if you don’t like this person, perfect. It’s more fuel to the fire. And if you do love them, you shout their name from the rooftops.

I just look at it as wrestlers talking smack about other wrestlers which is a key component of wrestling in the first place.”

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