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Cody Rhodes Defeats Top WWE Star After Tonight’s RAW, The Rock’s Mother Got Involved (Video)

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• Cody Rhodes Defeats Top WWE Star After Tonight’s RAW, The Rock’s Mother Got Involved (Video)

Cody Rhodes kicked off tonight’s RAW after WrestleMania 38. He said everyone thinks his decision to return to WWE was difficult – it was not.

He said any doubt regarding his level was cleared when he defeated former WWE Champion Seth Rollins on Saturday.

He then talked about his father Dusty Rhodes and got emotional. He said Dusty was his hero and showed a 1977 photo of Dusty from MSG posing with the WWF Championship.

However, Dusty didn’t win the Title on that night because it was a count-out win. Cody got really emotional after this.

Cody said this is his goal – to get that Title. While he can’t put that Title in The American Dream’s hands physically, he can put it in the hands on The American Nightmare.

Seth Rollins then interrupted him. Cody put his hand forward and Rollins shook it and left. Cody is left confused that Seth actually agreed and showed him respect.

After RAW went off the air, Cody wrestled in the dark main event. He faced Kevin Owens and defeated him in a match that last about 6 minutes.

The Rock’s mother was at ringside for this match. At one point, she held Owens so Cody could chop him and hit the Bionic Elbow.

Cody picked up the win after hitting the Cross Rhodes. Below are some videos from the match:

In the video below, you can watch Rock’s mother getting involved and then getting a hug from Cody:

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