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Cody Rhodes Gave WWE Star A Farewell After SmackDown

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Cody Rhodes ensured that Kayla Braxton’s final day as a WWE personality was unforgettable by giving her an emotional send-off and the chance to address the fans after SmackDown went off the air last night.

Kayla Braxton has become a well-known figure to every WWE fan. As an interviewer for WWE, she is listed as a Superstar on the company’s website due to her on-air role. Famous for her engaging interactions with Paul Heyman and her contributions to storytelling both backstage and occasionally in the ring, Braxton has gained immense popularity among the WWE Universe. However, her time with WWE has come to an end.

Braxton delivered a stellar performance during the June 28th edition of Friday Night SmackDown, including her interview segment with LA Knight, which marked her farewell appearance in WWE.

After the show, Cody Rhodes brought Kayla Braxton out for an emotional segment, giving her a heartfelt farewell in front of the fans. Rhodes said, “WWE has a member of its family that is leaving, and I think the best thing we can do right now is give them an MSG send-off. Ladies and gentlemen, you have been wonderful all night, you have been loud and proud, please let’s hear it for Kayla Braxton.”

The WWE Universe filled the arena with “Thank you Kayla” chants, bidding farewell to a name synonymous with WWE interviews. In a touching moment, Braxton hugged Cody Rhodes, marking her final appearance with the company.

Kayla said the following:

“Oh well, wasn’t expecting that. Oh my gosh, um, guys, 8 years ago you guys accepted me, an outsider to sports entertainment, into the WWE world. I came in not knowing much, but you guys quickly took me in and showed me the ropes—no pun intended. Every day since then has been some of the best days of my life because of all of you. Being able to call you my family means so much to me. Thank you guys so much, and I hope you’ll continue with me in this next chapter. I love you all so much.”

With these heartfelt words, Kayla Braxton bid farewell to WWE, leaving behind a legacy of memorable moments and heartfelt interactions.

Cody raised Kayla’s hand before she left. You can watch it below:

Also after SmackDown, Cody Rhodes posed with the old WWWF Heavyweight Championship:

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