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Cody Rhodes Reveals His Next Step On RAW After Loss To Brock Lesnar

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Below are the complete results from tonight’s RAW:

– World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins kicked off tonight’s post-Night Of Champions episode of RAW. Rollins came out from the crowd, celebrated with them and got a pyro celebration.

Rollins said RAW finally has a champion that wants to be here every week, and he’s ready for a fight.

SmackDown Superstar AJ Styles then came out. Styles said congratulations to Rollins. Styles said he gave everything he had to Rollins at Night Of Champions.

AJ brought up how the fans chanted ‘you deserve it’ tonight, but he doesn’t think Rollins deserves anything, because Seth has earned it. Rollins then shook Styles’ hand.

The Judgment Day came out next and Finn Balor acted like he’s going to puke. Damian Priest said they run Monday Night RAW. Balor then said:

“We beat the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions, which is something even Roman Reigns couldn’t do.”

Finn then said Priest could be the next World Heavyweight Champion. Priest said maybe Balor could do it. SmackDown Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley then said her “Dom Dom” could be the next World Heavyweight Champion, which led to Rollins & Styles laughing.

Dominik Mysterio them reminded AJ that he has beaten him in the past. Judgment Day issued a challenge for a tag team match tonight and Seth & AJ accepted for tonight’s main event.

– In a backstage segment, Adam Peace told Seth & AJ that he has talked to a WWE higher-up and this match has been made official.

– Ricochet def. The Miz to qualify for the Men’s Money In The Bank 2023 Ladder Match

– Trish Stratus came out and bragged about defeating Becky Lynch at Night Of Champions. Trish then introduced Zoey Stark.

Zoey came out wearing a “Thank You Trish” top. Zoey said she took the easy way out to get to the top by aligning with Trish because she’s smart, and that it’s an honor to be mentored by a legend like Trish.

Trish has bruising on her face and Trish said if Becky shows up tonight, her friend Zoey will show Becky what’s up.

Becky came out in her Night Of Champions gear and said they should restart their match right now. Zoey ran at Becky to attack her, but got laid out. Becky then attacked Trish, but the numbers game would end up being too much for Becky, as Trish & Zoey ganged up on Becky.

Zoey hit Becky with her finisher: Z-360. Trish & Zoey then put a “Thank You Trish” top on Becky’s torso and left.

– Indus Sher (with Jinder Mahal) def. Javier Bernal & Kevin Ventura Cortes

– Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn came out. Sami said Roman Reigns got everything he deserved at Night Of Champions.

Imperium then came out. Ludwig Kaiser said Owens & Zayn had an impressive victory at Night Of Champions, but it wasn’t the most impressive win of the night, as that belonged to Intercontinental Champion Gunther.

Kevin said they always hear from Ludwig and sometimes from Gunther, but we never hear from ‘Baldy’, referring to Giovanni Vinci. Sami & KO then started a ‘Baldy’ chant.

Chad Gable, Otis & Maxxine Dupri then came out and said this new version of Alpha Academy is stronger than ever with the addition of Maxxine and they will face Imperium next.

Also during this segment, Imperium insulted Matt Riddle, thus planting seeds Riddle feuding with Gunther soon.

– Imperium (Ludwig Kaiser & Giovanni Vinci) def. Alpha Academy (Chad Gable & Otis)

– In a backstage segment, Bayley mocked Raquel Rodriguez & Shotzi for not even being a real team, but Raquel said they were real enough to defeat Bayley & IYO SKY on last week’s SmackDown.

– Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler def. Raquel Rodriguez & Shotzi, Damage CTRL (Bayley & IYO SKY) and Chelsea Green & Sonya Deville in a Fatal 4-Way Match to win the vacant WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship

Shayna Baszler Ronda Rousey win WWE Women's Tag Team Championship RAW May 29 2023 WrestleFeed App

– Dolph Ziggler vs. JD McDonagh ended in a Double Count-Out after McDonagh kept attacking Ziggler on the outside and didn’t return to the ring

JD placed Ziggler’s head on the steel ring steps and kicked his head into the steel! JD then said Ziggler won’t forget his name.

– Cody Rhodes came out and talked about his loss to Brock Lesnar at Night Of Champions. Cody said he didn’t tap out because that’s not the man he wants to be. Years ago, he probably would’ve tapped out, but a legendary WWE Superstar used to say “Never Give Up”.

Rhodes takes a shot at Lesnar not being here tonight and being on his annual vacation. Cody said they are 1-1 and he’s issuing an open challenge. Cody said he’ll post his upcoming schedule soon and Brock can show up at any event to fight him.

Cody said Brock is Beast enough to break his arm, but he wasn’t man enough to make him tap out. Cody ended his promo by saying:

“Brock Lesnar is afraid of Cody Rhodes.”

– In a backstage interview with Cathy Kelley, Matt Riddle said he plans on winning the Men’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match, and can’t wait to cash-in on either Roman Reigns or Seth Rollins. Gunther interrupted him and challenged Riddle to cash-in on him for the Intercontinental Title if Riddle wins the contract.

– In a backstage interview with Cathy Kelley, new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler demanded to be recognized as the best.

– Shinsuke Nakamura def. Bronson Reed to qualify for the Men’s Money In The Bank 2023 Ladder Match

– World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins & AJ Styles def. Judgment Day (Finn Balor & Damian Priest)

At first, Dominik Mysterio entered the ring in his gear, making Rollins & Styles think it will be him & Priest in the match, but it was a trick and Balor launched an attack from behind.

Rollins pinned Priest after hitting the Stomp to pick up the win for his team. Rollins had a funny moment with Rhea Ripley during the match (similar to the Shawn Michaels – Melina moment from many years ago):

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