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Cody Rhodes Reveals Why He Was Fired From His 1st Job

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• Cody Rhodes Reveals How He Was Fired From His 1st Job

Pro-Wrestling Interviewer Alicia Atout asked WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes the following question:

“What was your first job? I babysat when I was a teenager and then went straight into hosting interviews.”

The American Nightmare revealed that his first job was at Einstein Bros. and then explained why he got fired from there.

Below is what he tweeted:

“.@EinsteinBros – you were allowed 1 bagel a shift. I went into the dining area 4 times a day w/a cinnamon sugar bagel toasted with honey almond spread and called out ‘William – toasted bagel’.

There was no William, it was for me. I was terminated. Love that place though forever.”

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• Old School Wrestling Legend Celebrates His Birthday

Old School Wrestling Legend “Superstar” Bill Dundee (Real name: William Cruickshanks) turns 79 today.

Bill Dundee wrestled for various territories, but for most of his career he worked for the Memphis territory during all its name changes: NWA Mid-America, CWA Continental Wrestling Association, USWA United States Wrestling Association, Memphis Power Pro Wrestling, …

During the early 90s he also served as “Lord” Steven Regal’s manager “Sir” William in Ted Turner’s WCW World Championship Wrestling.

He’s the father of former WWF/ECW/WCW Tag Team Wrestler J.C. Ice (Jamie Dundee) of the Tag Team ‘PG-13’.


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