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Controversial Former WWE Star Might Join TNA

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Below are some top news stories of the day, involving TNA and Jade Cargill.

• Matt Riddle, who was released from WWE after multiple failed drug tests and other troubles outside the ring, has confirmed ongoing discussions with TNA Wrestling, indicating a potential new direction in his wrestling career. During a recent appearance at River City Con, Riddle shared insights about his journey since departing WWE in September 2023.

Speaking with Jurrrattt, Riddle hinted at his future plans, sparking interest among fans and industry insiders. While he remains open to various opportunities, he emphasized his commitment to continuing his wrestling career with promotions like NJPW and MLW. However, his talks with TNA have generated the most buzz.

“I’ve been in talks with TNA. I’ve been in talks with everybody, to be honest. Right now, I’m focusing on myself,” Riddle said, highlighting his willingness to explore new opportunities within the industry.

Despite the potential for a WWE return or a move to AEW, Riddle’s current focus is on finding the right balance between his professional and personal life. He emphasized the importance of being present for his family, especially with the arrival of his new baby.

“I just had a child. I have a six-month-old son, plus three other kids. My twin girls are 14 and my other son is 11. I have quite the roster. I’m just focusing on that because the last decade or longer, I’ve been wrestling and training,” Riddle shared.

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• Despite a significant setback from a triceps injury sustained at the Royal Rumble, CM Punk remains steadfast in his quest to return to the ring. His commitment to a rigorous rehabilitation regimen has been unwavering, and recent photos showcase a transformed Punk, highlighting his physique and dedication to recovery.

CM Punk’s injury has kept him from competing in matches, yet he has remained a prominent figure on WWE programming, primarily through his intense and bitter feud with Drew McIntyre. Though sidelined from in-ring action, Punk’s dedication to his rehabilitation process has not wavered.

Punk recently shared a photo on Instagram, revealing his muscular transformation. His caption humorously noted his aspiration to match the physique of WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Jade Cargill and acknowledged his wife, AJ Lee’s, impressive fitness.

“Just trying to be as jacked as the lady on my shirt @jadecargill (would settle to be as half as jacked as my wife @theajmendez). Looking good Billy Ray, feeling good Louis,” Punk wrote.

CM Punk Muscles Physique Biceps Flexing June 2024

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