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Craziest Vince McMahon Stories Go Viral – Part 1

Vince McMahon

A Thread on Twitter regarding craziest Vince McMahon stories has gone viral. You can read the stories below:

– Vince hates sneezing. When someone sneezes, he yells at them and tells them to control themselves. On the rare occasion Vince sneezes, he angrily mutters to himself and loses focus for a few minutes (Paul Heyman, on Jericho’s podcast).

– Vince once raced former WWE writer Court Bauer on an open highway. Vince boxed in Court so that Court was heading straight for road construction. Court had to slam on the brakes to avoid an accident. Vince sped off, having “won” the race by almost killing a guy.

– Vince went bowling with an NBC exec. The guy had done something Vince didn’t like. Obviously since they were bowling, they were wearing bowling shoes. Vince sneaked off, got the guy’s real shoes from behind the counter, tossed the shoes in the garbage and left. The guy had no idea where his shoes were and had to go home wearing the gross bowling shoes. Vince contacted him later and said “That’s what you get, pal!”. The guy wrote a book and said that Vince was the biggest jerk he’d ever met in real life.

– Vince, as a prank, had real police “arrest” Jonathan Coachman for running a betting pool at work. Coach said when the cop car finally turned around and brought him back to WWE HQ, he openly wept in relief and rage.

– Vince got wasted at a strip club and let the Hart Foundation hit their finisher on him, and they hit him really hard.

– Vince said something insulting to Kofi on a plane, and Kofi didn’t do anything. As they were getting off the plane, Jericho told Kofi that if he didn’t confront and fight Vince immediately, Kofi’s career was effectively over in Vince’s mind. This was how Vince tested his talent.

– Former 90210 writer Larry Mollin joined Stephanie’s creative team. They were in a meeting with Vince. Vince was talking, Larry was nodding. Stephanie pulled Larry out of the room. She told him, “You need to stop nodding. VINCE HATES NODDING. She explained that if there’s one thing Vince hates, it’s “yes men”. This is extra hilarious because everyone always says that Vince is surrounded by yes men. Poor Larry lasted just a couple of weeks.

– Vince invited Mark Henry to a workout session. Bear in mind that Mark Henry’s claim as world’s strongest man is based on the fact he is the only man to have competed at top level Olympic Lifting, Power Lifting and Strongman competitions. Vince tried to out rep him on every exercise. Henry went along with it because he’s competitive and even admitted that Vince tested him a little bit.
Mark says that he actually quit before Vince did Vince phoned Mark in great pain and admitted he had made a terrible mistake.

– Vince was hesitant to hire Gail Kim due to her being Asian. Jim Ross convinced him not only because of her in ring talent, but the fact that many men are attracted to Asian woman and that there are even lots of Asian p_rn sites on the internet. This apparently shocked the hell out of Vince, who had no idea Asian p_rn sites existed.

– The McMahon’s playing pool at their holiday home in Boca. HHH and Steph against Vince and Linda. It was supposed to be a fun family game and Vince turned it into a serious competition. HHH and Steph kept getting lucky and were winning. Vince was getting mad at Linda because she was making their side lose. Eventually Stephanie ended up potting for the win and he cracked up and stalked off. Then later that night she called him through the intercom and sang ‘You’re tied to the whipping post, dad’ to pi$$ him off and from their bedroom, Steph and HHH could hear him literally screaming in anger on the other side of the house.

– Tiger Ali Singh complained to Vince about making him wear a turban and traditional Indian garb, telling him it was offensive to his people and a desecration. Vince replied “You and D-Lo are gonna put on those fucking turbans, I don’t care about desecration”.

– JR once farted in a car with Gerald Brisco, which made Brisco start gagging and throwing up. Vince heard about that, so backstage at RAW one night, he tried to fart and make Brisco puke. It backfired, and Vince sh*t in his pants. He then had to go out to the ring and do a promo! JR said that all the production people in his headphones told him about it, and that they were instructed to keep the camera shots ABOVE Vince’s waistline for the entire promo.

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